Let’s get to know each other!

I was always the child who saw the world a little differently. Color, light, and design always caught my eye and what mattered most in life was always the people in it. It seems a little silly to say but I genuinely get joy from creating exceptional photos of people, sharing that moment when you know that everything has come together and you get to squeal from excitement and show the back of the camera to your subject, both of you knowing in an instant that what you just created was more than just an image - it was magic.

By forming a relationship with my clients I get to have a little sneak peek into their lives and get to see who they really are deep down. There’s something about the teenage years that strikes a stronger chord with me than other things; perhaps it is because I have 4 of my own little ones that I am both anxiously and excitedly watching grow and develop into adults. I realize how quickly it goes and it seems so fleeting. My love for photography grew out of this feeling of not wanting to miss those moments or forget those freckles and quirks.

In an age where children are growing up so much quicker there’s a huge need for someone to celebrate these kids for who they are, tell them that they’re enough, and capture images that they can look at and feel beautiful and unique. I truly want to make a difference in each of my client’s lives so that they can be confident in a world that is always trying to tell them that they’re not enough.